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The idea of this map occurred to me after experiments with APRS digipeater on International Space Station (ISS) [article in Ukraininan]. There is already a service by K4HG with maps, tables, and raw packets. But I wanted a similar service with dynamic maps and real-time notifications. Moreover, using the code I have for High Altitude Balloons Map, this idea has been done very easily.

Currently, digipeated by ISS digipeater (call signs RS0ISS, NA1SS, DP0ISS, OR4ISS, and IR0ISS) APRS packets are saved in the database. For every call sign, there are at least 200 last packets are processed and saved. Then the last packet with the location is loaded and shown on this map. By default, stations received within the last 80 minutes are shown. This interval was chosen to show only the stations from the last pass, because the time that ISS orbits the Earth is about 93 min, and the flyby time over any location is up to 13 min. The start time could be changed using the field in the upper right corner of the map. Map auto-update time is 15 seconds.

There are plans to have messages history displayed and a bot, that will send messages about successful digipeating by ISS.

All data on this map was collected from the APRS-IS network only, using the custom tracker. Tracker collecting only packets, that were digipeated via ISS. Also, there is a plugin, that displays this map with shortcode and API, that provides data, collected with the tracker.

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